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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Kindly read through our Terms and Conditions carefully as to avoid any inconvenience on behalf of either party.

Your written booking is legally binding and thereby you agree to accept our Terms and Conditions.

Fabio Travelling Agency SAS merely acts as third party between tenant (you) and lessor. Fabio Travelling Agency SAS mediates accommodation locally on behalf of the lessor to tenant.

Booking Request

Kindly fill in our booking form before making a legally binding booking per email or phone. This way Fabio Travelling Agency SAS will be able to guarantee availability of the accommodation of your choice.

Making a Reservation

Your booking must be made in written form via email or by filling in our booking form. You will receive a booking confirmation per email. In order to cancel your booking you will be required to make a down payment of fifty percept (50%) of the rental fee within a maximum of three  (3) days.

The remaining amount must be paid 45 days (may be subject of change) before the commencing day of lease. The conclusion of the contract arranged by Fabio Travelling Agency SAS is subject to the specific lessor or manager who acts as the tenant’s (your) partner of contract..

For bookings made before forty-five (45) days of the commencing day of lease the full amount must be paid on the day of the booking.


You may cancel your booking in writing any time before your departure day. However, a cancellation will lead to the following consequences:

Time Period before departure day:

64-44 days: 60% of the full amount of rent

43-30 days: 80% of the full amount of rent

29-0 days: 100% of the full amount of rent

Tenant’s Duties

It is the tenant’s responsibility to check the rental object for any defects on arrival and to inform Fabio Travelling Agency SAS or the lessor in writing within twenty-four (24) hours. Any defects reported after twenty-four (24) hours cannot be taken into account.


Furthermore, the tenant is obliged to treat the premises and all that pertains there to with care. Possilble defects must be reported immediately to the lessor or Fabio Travelling Agency SAS. The number of residents must not exceed the number indicated on the booking form including children and infants. In the case of unregistered persons it is the lessor’s/owner’s right to charge an additional fee. The owner’s is not obliged to allow more persons than indicated on the booking form. Pets are allowed depending on type of premises and/or agreement with the lessor/owner or Fabio Travelling Agency SAS. On the commencement day of the lease the written booking confirmation will have to be presented to the lessor/owner.




Kindly inform the lessor/owner about your time of arrival in advance. Before you begin your travel please inform Fabio Travelling Agency SAS about your estimated arrival time which will enable us to organise the handing over of keys with the lessor/owner.


Bond is a contract between tenant and lessor/owner and will have to be deposited by the tenant(s) cash to the lessor/owner on the day of arrival. The bond will be refunded minus potential damages on premsises and inventory and any additional costs that are not included in the contract.

Change of Booking

For minor changes of booking Fabio Travelling Agency SAS will charge a small administrative fee of EUR 20.


In the case of act of nature beyond control (natural disaster, war, strike, etc.) it is the lessor/owner’s right to cancel the contract. Any already directly or via agent paid costs will be refunded  to the tenant by the lessor/owner. The lessor/owner is not liable for potentially occurring disruptions of water, electricity or gas supply. Use of premises and the connected outdoor area/swimming pool is at the tenant’s own risk. The lessor/owner is not liable for accidents. Children and infants must be supervised by adults at all times, this applies also for the use of the swimming pool. Parents are liable for their children.

If the tenant acts in breach of contract the lessor is allowed to cancel the contract without previous notice and with no right of refunding. Fabio Travelling Agency SAS recommends taking out insurance in the case of robbery or theft. The lessor/owner is not liable thereof. It is in the tenant’s interest to safely lock away valuable items in the premises. The tenant bears liability for any possible damages of the premises and inventory caused by himself or any person making  use of the premises. Damages must be reported to the lessor/owner promptly.


Prices found  on our webpage must be seen as indicative prices. Fabio Travelling Agency SAS reserves the right to adapt the prices through special offers or alike. The rental costs that were agreed on when the booking was finalised by the tenant lawfully apply.

Right of Withdrawal

In the case of withdrawal due to unexpected circumstances Fabio Travelling Agency will refund all of the already paid costs to the tenant. However, any further compensations or claims cannot be considered.

Services not having made Use of

Already made payments for services that have not been made use of by the tenant (due to delayed arrival or premature departure for instance) cannot be refunded or compensated.


Important References and Information

The following local circumstances should be taken into account: Installations for gas, water and electricity supply scarcely live up to Swiss or German standards; disruption in gas, water or electricity supply may causally occur. Costs of gas or petrol can be considerably higher than in Switzerland or Germany. Many of our premises are located in the countryside where the appearance of insects and small animals such as spiders ants, beetles, worms, bees, wasps, flies, geckoes, lizards, mice, snakes, etc. is common. With premises located at the seaside manifestations caused by humidity (on the walls for instance) can occur despite regular maintenance. The equipment of our premises complies with Italian standards. Therefore, certain electric appliances may not be available. All of our premises are privately owned and are personally inspected by Fabio Travelling Agency. We are happy to assist you with the choice of accommodation that is suitable for you and are available to answer questions and give further advice.